Star candidate

The Star Candidate Program

Bring your Background into the Foreground!

You are a talented, well qualified individual ready to fully explore taking your dream to reality.  But how do you get in front of the right people that recognize the differences between you and all of the unqualified, "Simply Curious" Candidates that are not to your level of desire and readiness?

How do you find the right team to take the reins with you?

We know your pain.

With our Star Candidate Program, we immediately separate you and us from the pack.

You will stand out in the crowd of curious candidates with your own comprehensive profile detailing your stellar qualifications as the potential franchisee.

Imagine how much time and effort we are saving our franchisors and their development teams when they see your
 All-Inclusive Premium Profile.

With Our Premium Profile we are submitting a completely vetted and personal report that addresses any possible questions about you right up front.

No one else competing for your territory can - compare. 

- You are going to stand out.

- They are going to prioritize your application.

- You are immediately their "Star Candidate!"
Your Premium Profile Includes:

- Introduction Letter

- Resume Highlights

- Liquid Assets Verification

  Zorakle Business Personality Report

• Criminal Background Report

• No Impact Credit Report

You Receive:
- Over 25 Years of Industry Knowledge and Guidance

- Proactive Industry Specific Searches

-  Industry Comparables

- Territory Checks For Your Selected Brands

- Franchise Specific Insights

- Interview Preparation

- Ongoing Consulting from Introduction to Opening Day!

And With Your Executed Franchise Contract, you receive:

 10% Rebate of the Franchise Fee!

Full Refund of the upfront $167 Candidate Fee!

Become A Star Candidate

Program FAQ's

Q - Can I see my reports before the Franchisors do?

A - Of course! A big advantage to our Star Candidate Program is that you see for yourself where there may be items in need of improvement or clarification. (No Surprises!)

Q - What do you do for me?

A - Our main responsibility to our Candidates is to first qualify you as a financially eligible, experience qualified, solid citizens to be seriously considered for our Clients opportunities.
Once we have satisfied this, we then search out all of the brands that best fit your interests, abilities, your personal and financial goals and preferred lifestyles.
Once you have pinpointed the Brand of your dreams, we become you advocates to ensure your best chance to become their chosen Franchisee.

Q - Why do Franchisors value our services?

A - We commit our valuable time and resources promoting their growth by searching for, qualifying and educating solid candidates.
Our vetting process ensures that only qualified and enthusiastic candidates that fit well and represent their brands well.

Without our skilled efforts, they would not be able to grow their brands as effectively or successfully.

Q - Why is there a Franchise Fee Rebate?

A - When you participate in the Star Candidate Program, you are taking serious steps in separating yourselves from the "Simply Curious" Candidates.
By doing so, you have shown a higher level of interest in becoming a Serious Franchisee Candidate.  This allows us to fully focus our valuable time and efforts with you. This greatly increases our productivity which is a great value to us and our Clients, the Franchisors.

Q - Why do I get my Premium Profile Fee back?

A- We are not in the business of creating Profiles for a fee.  We are in the business of connecting the right investors (You, the Candidate) with the right opportunity, (Our Franchisors), with the ultimate goal of "Everyone Wins!"

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