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Start Your Own Business In Medical Billing & Practice Management
The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a great growth period. Medical, Dental & Practice Management Consulting is becoming one of the most exciting businesses to start. It is low-cost and recession-proof! In fact, the two main industries that continue to outperform are: IT & Healthcare services.
ClaimTek is committed to making you FIRST in the medical billing & practice management industry as an independent business owner. Why FIRST? Because ClaimTek has the most professional resources to make you first. Whether this is your first business venture, or the first time you’ve heard anything about medical billing, ClaimTek provides you with proven first-class elements-of-success to make you first. Our system helps you generate more income by offering up to 16 professional revenue streams while keeping your cost of operation low with FREE Real-Time Electronic Claims Processing. With ClaimTek, you become a dynamic one-stop shop offering healthcare providers the following vital services using unmatched state-of-the-art software.

Why ClaimTek Is the Business For You

Outsourcing the billing and key practice management functions among healthcare providers is becoming a common practice. Healthcare providers are facing increased regulations and challenges in managing their practice to be financially healthy. They’ll accomplish better results when outsourcing to billing companies to process their medical claims, patient statements, and posting payments electronically along with other office management-related functions. As a professional billing company, you’ll enjoy being in an industry with numerous advantages:
  • Health care is a Booming Industry.
  • Doctors are Increasingly Outsourcing.
  • Interesting and Respected Career.
  • Highly Profitable and Recession Proof.
  • Affordable Startup Cost for New Business.
  • Low Cost to Operate & Maintain.
  • Work Day or Night with Flexible Hours.
  • No Experience Necessary!
  • Operate Locally or Remotely from Anywhere!

How You Get the Business
ClaimTek provides you with professional marketing knowledge and tools that help assure your quick success. ClaimTek will train you and show you how to start an effective marketing campaign to sign up accounts. You’ll learn many effective ways to reach doctors. You contract with doctors to handle their billing & practice management needs using your computer. We show you how to get the business, how to process the claims and maintain new accounts. What more could you ask for? No other business offers you this much without charging you a huge entry fee! Your first step of starting a small medical billing from home business can quickly grow into a viable large-scale operation. You can charge on percentage of collections basis. It is estimated that one person, working full time, can process claims for four to five doctors.

ClaimTek’s medical billing business programs will amaze you but your professional effort and drive are required. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a steady, high growth business. Starting a medical billing business from home or small office is a sound choice for those seeking to initiate a change in careers.

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